Friday, September 7, 2012

Don't Drop That Thun Thun Thun

Alright, time for the first song analysis. What better way to start my blog off than with one of my personal favorite songs "Don't Drop That Thun Thun Thun". What a ridiculous yet catchy song. So what does this really mean? First, I am going to give a little background on this new music group and what they are all about. 

The Finnaticz were formed in 2009 in Los Angeles California. According to their band website, "The Finatticz is all about making Party music that the streets respect,without watering down the hood." Whatever that is supposed to mean. The band consists of Killa F, Jayahrah the Truth, EZ the Great, and  Nyce. If those names aren't getting you excited for this song, I don't know what would. 

Before I analyze the song, let me explain what "Thun Thun" is. I thought it had something to do with shaking your booty doo at the club but its not. I definitely didn't know what it was until this last week when I was hanging out with the nearest drug dealer. (not really). Urban Dictionary explains that "Thun Thun" is ecstasy. So with that in we go. 


Don't drop that thun thun (aayyy...)
Don't drop that thun thun
Don't drop that thun thun (aayyy...)
Don't drop that thun thun 

Don't drop the ecstacy. 

O-O-O Okay is the rula 
Night man cooka 
Keep me a rooka
Pop me a pupa
The Heat is where I grew up 
So It's what I threw up

After a long hard look at these well-thought-out lyrics, I really can't even begin to understand what these lyrics mean. What I can understand is that they were probably on ecstasy when the song was written. 

Sicker than a mothafu, 
might throw my food up
Hoop coola no one losers 
You had good brains 
I ain't even had to school her
Meet me at 2'tha 
I just want to do her 
Pass it to the inc.
And let my bro screw her 

The meaning of this must mean that she was already good at doing the dirty but he clearly doesn't care for her so he shares with his friend. Because apparently girls now-a-days have no class and will just do what he wants because he's a big money makin rap star. SIKE. 

Im killin and Ill be that way
I got a large appetite for some - and weed

I said my money is green
And my thun thun is blue
And If I pop that biii 
She gon pop one too 
Ecstacy comes in many colors, but he’s saying his is blue. And if he is gonna have some ecstacy, so is the girl he is with.

Okay she poppin' too
Now she's getting like me 

theyre both experiencing the same sensations.. which is a body high, a feel good feeling and you love everyone
I said we're jerkin 
And we stumpin (dancing)
But can't catch the beat
We can't catch the beat
But I'm feelin' my dance
I had one pill left 
And it fell on my hand, Dang.. He just dropped his THUN THUN THUN.

Don't drop that thun thun (aayyy...)
Don't drop that thun thun
Don't drop that thun thun (aayyy...)
Don't drop that thun thun 

Alright oh my goodness I'm turned up (Drunk)
I got a bottle you got a cup 
You hit the dougie (a dance move)
I 2 step
(a dance move)
Your not with It
I'm It Rep.

You can make a chick about us
She know my whole crew
She got a song too Ret your boys in the Club like,
"What it do?" 
The Girl they are with is down with their finaticz crew and shes gonna throw down a rap too.

FiNNaTTic gang Ho now who the f- are you
I'm E.G I'm never turned down (EZ the great is always drunk)
This face on this ain't no frown
Sippin' on somebodys' girl goin down 
Like 3, 2, 1
Where your girl at Now? (Your girl is now on EZ)

3 pills down that's on me
and it wouldn't be a song 
if I didn't say eeeiii!! (He is definitely on drugs)
So, Don't drop that thun thun
Girl turn the Function up
And we gon keep it going 
When the look come back along 

Say yeahh if you drop It(what???!!) 
Just pick it up 
and grab a bad bitch 
and head to the cut(what???!!)
(If you drop your ecstacy, just pick it up and grab a girl who thinks shes bad and go to the club to get high with her) 

Say you a freak 
Your not a freak like me
Cuz I'm a F-R-E-A-K
Yeah that's me ha-ha

(He learned to spell)

A catchy yet pointless song that will probably be topping off the charts on itunes in the next month or so. Nobody knows why. If you lost brain cells while reading this, I am deeply sorry. But when you listen to the song and your dancing it will all make up for it. And remember to Don't drop that thun thun thun.


  1. This is the worst shit. A 5 year old can make a better beat and lyrics. Rap is so dumbed down now it's pathetic. Not to mention this whole fucking song is autotuned.

  2. You used the wrong your/you're like 3 times and you're calling the lyrics unintelligent? Haha okay.

  3. This is quite the hilarious analysis! Haha, thanks for the laugh!

  4. Its'Alright oh my goodness im TURNT up'.... as in high and drunk...

  5. Haha love the in depth analysis! Here's some help understanding the lyrics, not that it makes much more sense than before if you don't know the slang:

    OK It's the ruler
    Nightmare Kruger
    Keep me a Ruger
    Pop me a poopbutt (Kruger as in Freddy, Ruger=a type of gun, poppin a poopbutt=shooting a punk ass bitch)

    Who cooler? No one losers

    You had good brains
    I ain't even have to school her
    Meet me a tutor

    K she poppin too
    now she geeked like me (poppin=taking e, geeked=high on same)

    Thizz face on girl this ain't no frown (thizz="face like you smelled a fart" one gets on e)

    We gon keep it goin when the hook come back along

    Do you take requests? Soulja Boy's tracks are ripe for dissertation: Speakers Going Hammer, LOL Smiley Face etc. seem to be open to endless interpretation :P

  6. At camp, 5+ year-old boys sing this song all the time and another fellow counselor said not to sing it because it is not camp appropriate and I never knew what was wrong with it and now I know why... :/

  7. This song is utterly ridiculous, with a minimally interesting beat. I agree with you that they must have been high when they wrote it. However you need to step up your game on your urban dictionary. A lot of your translation was absolutely wrong. For example, and this is just one, the cut is the house not the club. IJS

  8. They made millions forward that does not exist THUN is not a word what a dumb ass song

  9. Realy it so amazing song ilike its too much 😍😍

  10. You had good brains. I ain't even have to school her.
    Means she gave a good blowjob, and he didn't even have to show her how.